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Box Build Services and Processes

Box Build Services and Processes

Short Description:

FCE provide contract manufacturing for not only printed circuit board assembly but also the final assembly of your innovative products

No job is too small
Quick turnarounds
Competitive pricing
Highest quality product

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Development, Production, and Product Life Management Made Easy


Thoughtful ideation and professional industrial design.


Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and comprehensive DFM.


Rapid prototyping with proper and Economic materials and processes.


Reliable manufacturing from parts to complete box build.

FCE Box Build Service

In FCE, We deliver a one station end-to-end service, with the resources to handle large-scale projects, combined with flexibility and attention to details.

  • Injection molding, machining, sheet metal and rubber parts in house production
  • Printed circuit board assembly
  • Product Assembly
  • System Level Assembly
  • Testing of ICT (In-Circuit Test), Functional, Final, Environmental and Burn-In
  • Software Loading and Product Configuration
  • Warehousing & Order Fulfillment & Traceability
  • Packaging & Labeling including Bar Coding
  • Aftermarket Service

Contract Manufacture Facility overview

At FCE, In house injection molding, custom machining, sheet metal fabrication and PCBA manufacture ensured the fast, succussed and cost-effective project development. Integrated resources help custom get all of support from one contact window.


Injection molding workshop


Machining workshop


Sheet metal workshop


SMT production line


System assembly line


Packing & Warehousing

General FAQs

What is Box Build Assembly?
A Box Build Assembly is also as known of Systems Integration. The assembly work involved in electromechanical assembly process, which includes enclosure manufacturing, PCBA installation, sub-assembling and components mounting, cabling, and wire harness assembly. FCE Box Build offers product solutions ranging from reliable and affordable part production to comprehensive end-to-end program management. Whether you need to make a single part or a complete finish product in retail packaging, we have your solution

What info. Are needed for contract manufacturing quotation?
(a) Product dimensions
(b) Bill of Materials
(c) 3D Cad Model
(d) Quantities needed
(e) Packaging required
(f) Shipping Address

Do you provide ODM service?
FCE design center and a cooperated outsource design firm could finish most of medical, industrial and consumer products. Whenever you got a idea, contact us to see if we can support you to reality your thought. FCE will tailor the design and production base on your budget.


Available Materials for sheet metal fabrication

FCE prepared 1000+ common sheet material in stock for fastest turnaround, Our mechanical engineering will help you on material selection, mechanical analysis, feasibility optimizations

Aluminum Copper Bronze Steel
Aluminum 5052 Copper 101 Bronze 220 Stainless Steel 301
Aluminum 6061 Copper 260 (Brass) Bronze 510 Stainless Steel 304
  Copper C110   Stainless Steel 316/316L
      Steel, Low Carbon

Surface Finishes

FCE offers a complete range of surface treatment processes. Electroplating, powder coating, anodizing can be customized according to color, texture and brightness. The appropriate finish can also be recommended according to functional requirements.










Powder Coating


Hot Transfer




Printing & Laser Mark

Our Quality Promise

Each order will measure first off and last off sample at least

All manufacture parts inspected by proper metrology, CMM or laser scanners

ISO 9001 certified, AS 9100 & ISO 13485 compliant

Quality guaranteed. If a part is not made to spec, We will replace correct part immediately, and correct manufacture process and doc. Accordingly

Material batches, process record, test reports will be kept for years for each shipped lot number

Material certifications available


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