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Main Services

FCE gives you access to a wide range of capabilities through an end-to-end platform in a variety of
markets. Fully to address major customer needs.

  • 3D Printing

    3D Printing

    FDM, SLS, SLA, PolyJet, MJF Technologies Plastic, Metal, Resin, Alloy materials

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  • Injection molding

    Injection molding

    High quality T1 sample as fast as 10days with Cost-effective development

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  • Sheet metal fabrication

    Sheet metal fabrication

    Laser cutting, bending, stamping riveting, welding, brushing, coating all in one

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  • Custom machining

    Custom machining

    3, 4, 5 axis CNC milling, CNC turning
    As fast as 2days

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  • Box Build

    Box Build

    Product Design, manufacturing, final assembly, testing and pack

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Professional Team Focus On Your Project

  • Easy communication since we know your product

    Easy communication since we know your product

    Our sales engineers have a deep technical background and extensive industry experience. No matter you are a technical engineer, designer, project manager or procurement engineer etc., you will quickly feel how well they understand your product and quickly provide valuable advices.

  • Dedicate team micro- management for your project

    Dedicate team micro- management for your project

    Dedicated project team to micro-manage each project. The team is composed of experienced product engineers, electro-mechanical engineers, industrial engineers and production engineers according to the characteristics and needs of the product. Makes the development work efficient and high quality.

Leading Engineering, Top Brand Facilities,
Micro Production Management

  • Design Optimization

    Design Optimization

    We have rich experience at material selection, mechanical analysis, manufacture process. Each project solutions to optimize Product quality, manufacture cost. Complete finite element analysis software to predict and prevent most of manufacturing issues before cost generated

  • Clean room production

    Clean room production

    Our cleanroom injection molding and assembly areas provide an effective way to manufacture your medical parts and components to fulfil specification requirements. Products from the clean room are delivered to class 100,000 / ISO 13485 certified environment. The packaging process is also performed within this controlled environment to prevent any contamination.

  • Quality Assurance 

    Quality Assurance 

    Precision CMM, optical measuring instruments equipment are the basic configuration to detect the quality of the finished product. FCE does much more than that, we spend more time identifying potential causes of failure and the corresponding preventive measures, testing the effectiveness of the prevention.

  • 9,500 m<sup>2</sup>

    9,500 m2

    In house process, offer reliable lead time & low price

  • 1 Station

    1 Station

    From design, manufacturing, assembly and pack, we customized services to your need

  • 300M+


    Parts manufacturing annual capacity

  • 60+ Machines

    60+ Machines

    Multis injection molding machines, CNC, Sheetmetal, and related second process equipment

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